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Below are a list of links that may be helpful to you and your family for Bible study and spiritual encouragement. 

Christian Courier -

This website is filled with tremendous articles written primarily by Wayne Jackson. Though the articles are written by a scholar of God's Word, the articles are very readable and will help fortify your faith and prepare you to defend the faith.


Moore Perspective -

Kevin Moore, a professor at Freed-Hardeman University, and former missionary to New Zealand, has a blog page with biblical and thought-provoking articles. 


Gospel Broadcasting Network -

Gospel Broadcasting Network offers 24 hour a day Bible teaching and preaching (and additional archived programming). The station can be streamed from a high speed internet connection to your television through a Roku Box (available for around $70). The programming can also be viewed on-line at their website. Also, you can sign-up to receive a brief, but outstanding daily devotional through email.


World Video Bible School -

In addition to the great Bible study resources they have for sale, WVBS also has on online school that one can go through to assist in spiritual growth. The program is free of charge and you can work at your own pace!


House to House -

One of the best things about this site is the outstanding podcasts that are just a click away. They also have the House to House magazines archived for your viewing. 


The Truth in Love -

This site has great podcasts on numerous Bible subjects. Robert Dodson, the preacher for the Northwest church of Christ is the preacher in the majority of the lessons.

Freed-Hardeman University -

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